Board meetings

The board normally meets during off season as needed until Jan then it will be first Wednesday of month. During season, only special meetings will be called in person and all other business can be handled via telephone. All votes must be documented via text for verification at later date. 

Meeting agenda

The board meeting agenda is developed by the president and vice president. The standard sequence for most meeting agendas is:

  • Call to order

  • Approve meeting agenda

  • Approve minutes of last meeting

  • Financial business/reports

  • Committee reports, requests for discussion/action

  • Unfinished business from prior meeting/ reading of last open meeting motions

  • New business to be discussed at next closed meeting

  • Confirm next meeting date

  • Adjourn

Board meeting materials

A prerequisite to any productive meeting is that all of the participants are informed, in advance of the meeting, about the issues they will be dealing with at the meeting. Board members are requested to review all of the materials sent in advance and to fully participate in meeting discussions. 

Prior to each board meeting, meeting materials will be sent to each board member by email . The goal is to have these materials available two weeks before the board meeting. The materials include the agenda and background material on each agenda item.

Meeting minutes

Minutes reflect official actions taken, not what was said at the meeting, and are sent to all board members prior to the next meeting. These very specific minutes are intended to document binding actions. 

Rules of Order 

A motion is a proposal that the entire board take action or a stand on an issue. The purpose of a motion is to introduce items to the board for their consideration. A motion cannot be made when any other motion is on the floor. Parents can:

  • Make a motion.

  • Second motions.

Making a motion

Make your motion clearly and concisely. State the motion affirmatively (“I move that we...” rather than, “I move that we do not...”). Another member will second your motion or the president will call for a second. If there is no second to your motion it is lost. 

The secretary states your motion: “It has been moved and seconded that we...”, thus placing your motion before the board for consideration and action. The board then either debates your motion at a closed meeting, or may move directly to a vote. (For simple items)

Once your motion is presented to the board by the Secretary, it gets added to agenda for discussion and/or vote at closed board meetings, and cannot be changed by you without the consent of the board. After motions are discussed and voted upon they will be discussed at next open board meeting with an approval or a denial. If something is denied it is lost and not available for another motion. 

Voting on a motion

The method of vote on any motion depends on the situation. The most common method used by the AYAA board is by voice. The Secretary asks those in favor to say, “aye”, those opposed to say “no”. Any member may move for an exact count. Voting will be done by board members during a closed meeting to discuss the pros and cons of all motions brought forward and seconded. Once vote is complete secretary will make note of approval or denial and place on agenda for open meeting reading. 

Due to many issues that where brought forward during season that contained sensitive information with a parent and/or child voting and discussions of motions will be a closed meeting with the current Full Board. 

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