Buckeye Valley Summer Baseball is interested in training youth, ages 14-17 years of age (or 13 years of age with an Association President recommendation) in becoming Apprentice Umpires for our league.  After successfully completing the Apprentice Umpire class which includes Baseball/Softball rules and umpiring mechanics, Apprentice Umpires will be eligible to work Coach Pitch games and work as the field umpire for Mustang, Little League, and Pony games as well as Softball.

If interested in becoming an Apprentice umpire, please contact us at ayaa.boardmembers@gmail.com and we will get you connected with the new instructor.

Umpire List

Apprentice Umpire is for Teeball and Pinto teams

A certified umpire is for Mustang Thru Pony.

Little League/ Pony will have 1 certified and 1 apprentice umpire for bases. Certified is behind home plate NO EXCEPTIONS.

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